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We went in for a routine pregnancy check-up. These visits usually are no longer than 5-10 minutes. Since my regular Dr. was coming off a major surgery, we were referred over to this other Dr. named Dr, Richard Agnew. Once the check up was completed, we were offered to take a certain blood test that wasn't required for us to do. We declined to take the blood test. Mrs. Agnew (Dr. Agnew's wife) then stated that this test is 100% covered by the insurance company and there would be ZERO out of pocket to us.

Now, several weeks later, we received a bill for $843. We called the lab and they said that is what we owed after insurance paid their share. To our understanding, Mrs. Agnew said this would be ZERO out of pocket; now we see that isn't so. I called Dr. Agnew on SEVERAL occasions. They said this is the first issue they have had with the insurance covering this test 100%. I called them for 3 weeks to see what was going on; to see if any headway was done so this bill would be taken care of. Today, Mrs. Agnew said for us to make payments to the lab on this $843 and she took no accountability on this whatsoever. She then said take her to court.

To me it sounds like this practice generates some sort of kickback from the lab (which is illegal). They pitched this service claiming that it was 100% covered and Zero out of pocket. I never new $843 considered "no out of pocket." We are going to continue our course of action and pursue this in court. All I can do is advise anyone to be careful of the tests this practice pitches you and says it is covered 100% and zero out of pocket. Sounds like a shady operation to me...no pun intended....

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Hey Latin, you don't know the entire situation.Besides, what does the news nowadays relate to something that happened almost two years ago??

'Nuff said. I am glad you had a good experience, that is awesome. Unfortunately, we were misinformed!

Nonetheless, the matter was resolved because Dr.Agnew admitted THEIR error...

Corona Del Mar, California, United States #671295

Dr Agnew and his wife are fantastic people with a great reputation.This story is just not credible given that the insurance share was paid.

Constantly changing covered benefits,.

shares, and co-pays are more the culprit in these days.Read the news much dik316?


After further review, the Dr.called his insurance company and had them handle the invoice.

This matter is now resolved.

Thank you.


Terrible doctor! Stay away! :(

Sha Tin, Hong Kong, Hong Kong #369084

I can't believe this practice.This is a doctor who is only looking out for his own pocketbook.

I bet his practice won't be around much longer with Antics like this. He completely ripped me off.

They tried to tell me after the fact that this test is good to see if the baby was healthy...what they need to understand is, the $843 they stole from us could have gone toward our baby.I will continue to take action against this doctor.


This Practice sounds terrible.I'm happy I came here to the reviews before I went to him.

I was close.

Thanks all for your insight.I'll be sure not to go here!


This practice is an absolute joke.They told me on the phone that the $843 went to a good cause to show that we have a healthy baby.

We already knew that.What they don't understand is that they just stole $843 to put toward our baby...


Had a similar unpleasant experience. Don't use this doctor! He is a dishonest!


Actually, it is the other way around. They have to sue YOU in court to collect unless you have already paid them. Good luck.


Dr.Richard C.

Agnew, MD is simply a lying sack of sh*t.

He needs to pick up the bill and pay for it himself.Cant believe that crooks like that are still in business and deal with innocent people on daily basis and rip them off!


This practice must be getting a sum of money kicked back to them for pushing such a service. It is a shame that you have to go thru this. I hope you can sue them and win in court.

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